Monday, January 14, 2008


Q) Do you really make all these out of legos?
A) Yup, real legos.

Q) How do you make them.
A) Well I just find some sprites online. Enlarge 'em. Print 'em. Then I get out my lego boxes and make one pixel = one stud. It can get tricky at times though. Such as
when pixels are “floating” or when parts of it don’t connect well so it’s unstable, but
there are ways to work around tha

Q) How long do these take you?

A) Oh, it varies. 20 minutes average, but some take 30 minutes, some only 10.

Q) Why did you do this?

A) For fun.

Q) When do you do these?

A) Usually while watching TV/Movies.

Q) Do you have any other projects?

A) Yes, BATS RPG, a webcomic about RPGs, and making fun of them. If you like these lego things go read it.

Q) What do Legos have to do with your webcomic

A) 1.I made both

2.They’re both about videogames

3.Free advertising.

4.Shut up

5. ???


Q) Can I have your babies?

A) You’re not my type.

Q) Gee Mr. Wizard. What's with the Phantom Bricks?
A)I use the 4x2 2x2 6x2 ect. bricks. So those phantom bricks are back one from the front. And I have to use them at times to get certain bricks in certain places. Such as in Nayru's Harp. there was no way to get those three pixels of black there without it. The phantom bricks are there for structure and to get certain pieces on.

I use the Xx2 bricks because I can reinforce things without you noticing. From behind there are sometimes stripes of white and stuff too.

Also I usually use white bricks for this job because they're less noticable.

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