Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome to my Video Game Lego Collection Thing.

Hello, the following are a collection of Lego creations that I made. They are all old video game sprites, mostly Nintendo related. I made these over a two month period, and have stopped making them for a bit. The reasons I stopped are:

  1. I got busier
  2. I got all these awesome new games to play
  3. I can't bring myself to dismantle the last one.
Oh, some quick things about them, I put them on a scanner so that's why a few of the older ones have this glare on it. Also, if you want to see a higher res version of any of the pictures just click on it.

Anyway, I hope to do them again. Perhaps during Christmas break, we'll see. Well enjoy them and if I have spelling, grammar, or names incorrect tell me, but don't do so if you see that the last 20 comments said the same thing. I am typing this up while pretty tired so forgive any mistakes.

White Mage

I actually did a white mage only run-through of the game.


Ah, Toad. I only every used him on the sand levels.


The ones in 4-1 were the bane of my existence as a child.


No, not that snake, I don't know the actual name of this enemy, but I suppose someone will let me know.

Shy Guy

Taken from Doki Doki Panic, these are now a Mario series mainstay.


She was too big to fit, so I scanned her once with some of her feet cut off, then scooted her up and scanned her with some of her head cut off. I just pasted the images together. Also, her legs kept coming off.

Red Mage

Red Mage, doing his victory pose.


My SMB2 obsession should be apparent by the time you look at all my stuff.

Racoon Mario

From Super Mario Bros. 3, somehow a Racoon Tail makes you fly. I'm surprised raccoons aren't dropping nukes on us to steal our tasty food.

POW Block

From Super Mario Bros. 2, and I have a confession to make. I am one pixel row off. I know, I'm ashamed of myself.


The potion from Super Mario Bros. 2, how did a potion create a doorway?


I played Dig Dug all the time as a kid. I need to make a Frygar.


An early one so it has the reflection...


I have no light blue legos, so he has an Ice power of some sort.


From Super Mario Bros. 2, I did a LOT of SMB2 stuff. Also Mario was worthless in that game.


Another Mario. He's an early one complete with glare and a different colors.


A few ugly round ones in poor Luigi...

I wish I could have made Princess Peach, but no pink.


Link, the colors are off because of a shortage of brown bricks.


Another Link, this one from Link's Awakening. One of my favorite Zelda games, Majora's Mask is the best.


Latiku, or Jugem in Japan. I only know his Japanese name because of the bus in SMRPG; it had the initials JB on it.


Red Koopa, much smarter than his green counterpart.


From SMB2, yes this is kind of a random thing to make.


He's one of the gray ones because I didn't have enough brown.


Again the ugly reflection...


An early one, hence the reflection. This one kept falling apart. I also made a Galaxian ship, but it broke before I could scan it.

Frog Mario

Bah, part of it is loose. I wish I caught that earlier. Anyway he's kicking because I felt like making him that way. Unfortunately it didn't balance well because of that

Fire Mario

He's crooked because that's the only way he would fit on the scanner.


The meatshield himself. I just wish I could have done Black Belt and Thief, but again not the right colors.

Excite Bike

I cheated, one of the bricks isn't connected to the rest. It's just sitting there.

Metroid Energy Tank

Energy Tank Acquired
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Doooo

I was running low on black legos so I used the round ones.

Megaman Energy Tank

Again, let's assume Megaman had an Ice power up of some kind, because I didn't have Light Blue Bricks.


Yay the cherries from SMB2. Wow, I made a lot of SMB2 stuff. I always did love that game.


A Subrosion from the Oracle series. I sucked at doing the dance minigame...


Another early one, for some reason my early ones have that ugly white reflection. I don't know what I did differently.

Question Mark Block

Another Early one, I was trying not to dismantle any of them at this point, so I used the ugly round bricks.

Black Mage

Yay. I love my Black Mage, just wish I had better colors for the hat.

Dig Dug

Early one, doesn't look as good. I just stuck him on the scanner and pressed scan. Also I cheated with the end of the pump. I glued that piece on. : p


Here it is, my greatest Creation: Aquamentus from The Legend of Zelda. I used his appearance in Oracle of Seasons though. He is why I am not making any more at the moment. I can't bring myself to dismantle him.


This is what happens when you run out of pieces, here he is from behind.