Thursday, November 22, 2007


No, not that snake, I don't know the actual name of this enemy, but I suppose someone will let me know.


Cassio said...

2 bad i dont know either lol \o\.. But its very well made, congrats!

lwelyk said...

Thanks, I really wish I knew the name.

Ngamer01 said...

That would be Cobrat.

Heh, sounds like you need to beat SMB 2 to see the cast list again (even though in the original games, Birdo and Ostro's names were switched with the other).

Nathan Hamill said...

First off, fine work, sir. After just playing the game last night, I remembered my love/hate relationship with these creatures. I believe they're the only enemies who fly off screen rather than landing on their feet when you throw them.