Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome to my Video Game Lego Collection Thing.

Hello, the following are a collection of Lego creations that I made. They are all old video game sprites, mostly Nintendo related. I made these over a two month period, and have stopped making them for a bit. The reasons I stopped are:

  1. I got busier
  2. I got all these awesome new games to play
  3. I can't bring myself to dismantle the last one.
Oh, some quick things about them, I put them on a scanner so that's why a few of the older ones have this glare on it. Also, if you want to see a higher res version of any of the pictures just click on it.

Anyway, I hope to do them again. Perhaps during Christmas break, we'll see. Well enjoy them and if I have spelling, grammar, or names incorrect tell me, but don't do so if you see that the last 20 comments said the same thing. I am typing this up while pretty tired so forgive any mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Now I am impressed. I was just looking for some fun pix and came across your site. Great job on every likeness! White Mage is my did you actually win using all white mages!?! lol

D Money said...

Really nice stuff - sorry to see that this blog is so aged (no recent updates). Fantastic Aquamentus. I've been doing some similar projects - nothing so challenging (yet). I have all the Pac Mac ghosts (easy); several characters from Zelda (including the shield); a bunch of sprites from two of my all time favorite arcade games: Mr. Do! and Bubble Bobble. Plus a pretty nice Sonic the hedgehog. I go out of my way to find the right Lego colors (which can be expensive for some of the blues and pinks), and use a lot of Technic axle attachments to make otherwise impossible color connections. If you're still interested in this sort of thing, email me and I'll send a photo.